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Bringing Reusable Packaging Systems to Life  

Closed Loop Partners

Future of Reusable Consumption Models 
World Economic Forum 

Good Coffee, Bad Cup: How to curb ocean plastic pollution by switching to refill and reuse solutions

Job Creation in the Re-use Sector: Data insights from social enterprises

Just One Word: Refillables

Many Happy Returns: Combining insights from the environmental and behavioural sciences to understand what is required to make reusable packaging mainstream
Sustainable Production and Consumption

Putting Second-hand First to Create Local Jobs: Guidance for municipalities to develop local re-use strategies
Zero Waste Europe and RREUSE

Realising Reuse: The potential for scaling up reusable packaging, and policy recommendations
Rethink Plastic Alliance 

Reducing Packaging Waste: Choose prevention and reuse
Zero Waste Europe and Reloop

Reusable Solutions: How governments can help stop single-use plastic pollution

Rethink Plastic Alliance

Reusable Packaging Protects Public Health & the Environment
The Unwrapped Project

Reusable vs. Single-Use Packaging: A review of environmental impacts
Zero Waste Europe and Reloop

Reusables are Doable

Greenpeace USA

Reusable Transport Packaging: State of the Industry 2020 Report

Reusable Packaging Association

Reuse: Rethinking Packaging

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Reuse Wins: The environmental, economic, and business case for transitioning from single-use to reuse in food service


The Role of Legislation and Standards in Mainstreaming Reusable Packaging


Single-use beverage cups and their alternatives: Recommendations from Life Cycle Assessments

United Nations Environment Programme 

Sustainability of reusable packaging–Current situation and trends

Resources, Conservation & Recycling: X


Unpacked: how supermarkets can cut plastic packaging in half by 2025

Greenpeace UK

Upstream Innovation: A guide to packaging solutions 

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Zero Waste and Economic Recovery 
Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives 

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