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Funding for Reuse

Immersive, widespread reuse systems will require innovation, investment, and a policy environment supportive of reuse. Most reuse solutions are currently pilot programs from large organizations or small-scale start-ups. Large-scale reuse will require funding through investment, grants, and loans.

To help equip the investment community, non-profit funding organizations, and reuse solutions looking for funding, the Living Landscape team has compiled the following resources:

Funding Landscape Charts

Reuse Publications 

Amount Over Time

Funding Landscape


The Living Landscape of Reuse Solutions database includes funding information for solutions in the United States, Canada, and Europe. This information was compiled between August and December of 2021 from publicly available information compiled on business solutions in the database. This data excludes reuse advocacy programs listed in the Living Landscape database but includes all other types of solutions. This data excludes earned revenue including contracted fees for service from governments or other entities. 

To ensure these charts are as up to date as possible, they are created directly from the live database. This can cause them to load somewhat slowly, and we appreciate your patience.

​If there is a chart that you would like to see added here please let us know! Email your suggestion to

Table of Contents

Funding Amount Received Over Time

Number of Funding Activities Over Time 

Amount of Funding Received by Type of Solution

Location of Funding Received by Country 

Projects Participating in Accelerators

Investment Capital by Type of Funding

Activities Over Time
Funding Charts

Total Funding Received

2015 - 2021 YTD

Investment Capital



Accelerator/ Incubator







Type of Solution

This chart does not include $474,500,000 of investment in Grove Collaborative

Investment Capital
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